About us

The Origins and story behind MavrovoOutdoors

MavrovoOutdoors is established as a provider of adventure tours and outdoors services in 2016. We proudly offer professional mountain guiding programs within the splendor of Mavrovo National Park.
Founded by Dimitar Popov, a dedicated mountain adventurer, climber and passionate ski mountaineer dedicated to promote the rock climbing, ski touring and hiking as sport and culture in the region as well as adventure tourism potential, Mavrovo Outdoors is an establishment that is working professionally into bringing you to the best outdoor adventure through the eyes and experience of local mountain guides. Trained by UIAA and UIMLA standards the small crew of experienced mountain guides works precisely for the best experience of our clients.

Area of operations


As a climbing instructors and mountain guides we have been leading force in the bolting operations for establishing the first climbing routes in Mavrovo National Park and opening new ones as well as supporting the development of the sport of climbing culture in the region in every direction we can: organizing climbing courses, climbing trips and events, rebolting and being the moving force of the climbing in general


As passionate skiers and thrill seekers we spend our free time exploring and developing the ski touring concept within the national park. We explore new routes in search of freeride and ski alpinism sites, performing backcountry patroles as well as performing avalanche danger assessment in order to get the basic data for the most wild and formidable terrain on the mountain.


As MavrovoOutdoors - Korab Mountain Guides one of the main fundamentals is the mountain adventure life is our passion to spend our free and professional time in the mountains as much as possible. Single day hikes and multi day treks are the parallel of our rock climbing activities in the summer. Very often we are in the mountain laps, conducting to our new ideas about our adventures.
Besides guiding and sharing the experience about the mountains in the area, we are discovering new trails, maintaining some of the existing ones, creating new adventures, facilitating events, giving suggestions to the national park and gathering up-to-date information about trail and mountain conditions in the moment.


Mountain Guiding program and adventures

As mountain guides and adventure operators we provide:

  • Ski Touring tours for all levels and ages, within Mavrovo National Park and beyond -
    Shar mountain /Pelister National Park / Galicica National Park /Jablanica and Stogovo.

  • Hiking /Trekking tours for all levels within Mavrovo National Park and beyond

  • Rock Climbing training courses, climbing tours and climbing picnics for beginners, intermediates as well as info, topos and advice.

  • Slacklining activities and lessons for groups or individuals, as well as slackline sales and info.

  • Terrain Transport we will help you access trailheads and provide custom approach solutions as well as providing vehicle support in train evacuations and rescue if necessary.
  • Outdoors tourist advice: We are here to provide free information about current mountain conditions, trails, accommodation and gear rental as well as general locals tips and advices.

We look forward to meeting you, guide your perfect Macedonian adventure and spend great time together in the great outdoors. Get in touch with us and let us introduce you to this Balkan pearl, the Mavrovo National Park!